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Recharged, Refocused, and Ready

Recharged, Refocused, and Ready

As some may (or may not) have noticed, I took a hiatus from social. I didn’t really have a set time to say I was done with it but it ended up being almost two months. Even saying that number seems unrealistic to me. Given that my full-time job requires me to stay on top of the latest news about e-commerce, social media, retail, and anything in between those things, makes it hard to stay off of the Internet and only makes me want to constantly consume all the pretty, aesthetically pleasing brands and influencers on social media.

As a millennial, one of the things I often saw from my peers was the same complaint: when will I finally get my life together? This question came in many forms. It came in the form of an out-of-breath Spongebob meme, a short video of a little girl at the beach asking to nap in the wet sand or in the form of a short to long and detailed tweet or Instagram story. I started seeing it so much that eventually I started asking myself: do I have my life together? My bedtime app was telling me I was averaging only four hours of sleep a night and that I was averaging nine hours on social media A DAY. That’s a whole full-time job. Once I saw those numbers, I started to think about what I could be doing with my time instead of spending it on social media. I don’t like to get too personal about my life but if it inspires somebody to get to a better place in life, it’ll be worth it. So here’s what I did in my social hiatus in less than two months:

  • Paid off my student loans (FINALLY!)

  • Paid off my credit cards (Zero!)

  • Credit score jumped past 800 (The 800 club is nice.)

  • Opened a personal investment account and set up a recurring deposit

  • Opened a high-yield savings account and set up a recurring deposit

  • Restarted contributing to my Roth IRA to max it out for the year

  • Lost 5 pounds and dropped to a single digit size (You don’t know the struggle it was before)

  • Joined a group training class and have been going for almost two months for four days a week (Summer bawdy, I’m coming for you sis)

  • Started meal prepping (Realized I just like to eat the same thing all the time. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it)

  • Started saving up for…..a down payment on my own place! (Future real estate mogul in the making, ha!)

  • Got rid of all of my old things that held no value and were just taking up space

  • Started a new job doing what I love to do and with a 12 minute commute with no traffic (Gas prices are looking funny nowadays so yes to this short commute!)

  • Bought new makeup, helping me be closer to snackkkk status

  • Fixed my car that is paid off (and looking to keep it for another 10 years. Only buying assets, ju heard?)

  • Updated my wardrobe…just little splurges here and there (Your girl is no longer looking like Oscar The Grouch in these streets)

  • Did all my needed doctor visits and got my checkups (So needed…don’t forget to do this!)

  • Learned all the song transitions and ad-libs to Beyoncé’s Homecoming Live album (This was all the motivation I needed to complete this whole list. Get into it!)

  • Set a curfew for myself to get better sleep. I averaged only four hours of sleep a night before my hiatus to almost six now. The difference in how energized I feel is amazing.

  • Started taking supplements (Zinc, Magnesium, Chromium, B Complex, Fish Oil, and Vitamin D)

  • Relaunched this blog and this post :)

That’s basically everything. Looking at this list now, it seems like so much! But that’s the beauty of all of this. I took time for myself, I actively pursued the things that I know I wanted and envisioned for myself one day. Well that one day is here now. I’m living it. Now that I have all of these things crossed off, I can now pursue goals I never even thought of. Bigger dreams. Dreams that will take me to the next and best version of myself. Nobody else. Just me. It’s the best self-love I have given myself in a long, long, long time. Actually, it’s probably the first time I’ve ever felt like I’m listening to my body, to my needs and wants and not drowning them out because I thought I was being selfish and too ambitious.

I would recommend this to everybody. I’m not one of those people that can easily bounce back and get overwhelmed emotionally easily. Social media exhausted that to the point where I said I have to take matters into my own hands. But now I feel like I can come back energized, focused, ready to share more content and go on about my day. Let’s gooooo.

Forever 21 Bodysuit Light Wash Ripped Jeans Amerii Purse and Yellow Block Heels.jpg
Forever 21 Bodysuit Light Wash Ripped Jeans Amerii Purse and Yellow Block Heels.jpg.jpg

White ribbed bodysuit: Forever 21 - Similar here

Jeans: Charlotte Russe - Similar here

Bag: c/o Amerii

Shoes: Charlotte Russe - Similar here

Sunglasses: H&M - Similar here

Forever 21 Bodysuit Light Wash Ripped Jeans Amerii Purse and Yellow Block Heels.jpg.jpg
Forever 21 Bodysuit Light Wash Ripped Jeans Amerii Purse and Yellow Block Heels.jpg.jpg
Forever 21 Bodysuit Light Wash Ripped Jeans Amerii Purse and Yellow Block Heels.jpg
It's Sundress + Sneaker Season

It's Sundress + Sneaker Season